Homemade Deodorant Gippsland Unwrapped

Homemade Deodorant Gippsland Unwrapped

It's normal for everyone's feet to sweat, but some people struggle with wetness and odor more than others. I've also tried Tom's, and while it smelled delicious, I had similar issues with it as I did with coconut oil-just not effective enough. Many of these can be made into solids with the addition of beeswax, as well, melted into the coconut oil or shea butter, whatever you use. I had this post at Passionate Homemaking bookmarked since December, but I didn't have bulk coconut oil until I figured out how to use it in my kitchen. Unfortunately, it is literally pointless to use probiotics since the coconut oil will completely neutralize all the bacteria, good and bad in the probiotics.

I keep a small spray bottle in my purse and use it anytime I feel I need it. I also spray alcohol in my shoes and boots everyday after I take them off …to kill the odor causing bacteria. Slowly add coconut oil and work it in with a spoon or hand blender until it maintains a firm but pliable texture.

Common brands of men's deodorant found in drugstores that do not contain aluminum include Old Spice Classic Deodorant Stick, Speed Stick Classic Scent Deodorant and Arm & Hammer Ultramax Deodorant. This recipe fit perfectly into it. Just be aware that the coconut oil will melt at warm temperatures so don't leave it in your hand bag in the car. Feel free to experiment and combine other bases and essential oils with the magnesium oil in this Homemade Deodorant recipe. If ur dog has ticks, the oil will dislodge them & suffocate them & with the following shampooing, they will be dispensed with. I continued using baking soda exclusively for a month or two until my mom gave me a gorgeous powder puff container that she had sitting in her cupboard.

Next, we get dressed in clothes that are likely chemical-laden from laundry detergents, fabric softeners, and scent boosters, put on some more chemical-laden product we call deodorant (because we are scared of BO and all) and we get active and sweat!

If you are sensitive to baking soda, I believe arrowroot or corn starch would work just fine, though I have not tried that. How to Make Homemade Deodorant" was generously contributed by Monica Ford of Real Food Devotee Monica's delicious recipes will make your mouth water and your tummy purr. Mix a spoonful of baking soda with some warm water and spray in some vanilla or lavender essential oils to sweeten the scent. Because regular old Arm and Hammer baking soda contains aluminum (my main reason for making my own deoderant) I use either aluminum free baking soda bought through Azure Standard or I have also used Arrowroot powder with wonderful results! Plain coconut oil rubbed in the armpit area - use sparingly and let sit a bit before getting dressed to give the oil a chance to absorb and reduce the chance of staining. Even in an air conditioned house, the deodorant stick with beeswax is too soft.

I was so bummed when this happened because I thought that FINALLY I had found an all-natural deodorant that ACTUALLY worked for my sweaty self. I love the deodorant but it leaves a greasy looking stain and I have tied several treatments to try to get this out without any success. During the cooler months, that's not a problem — my deodorant stick remains solid, just like the store-bought kind.

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